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We believe in brighter futures for every adult and child

When a person struggles with their mental health, it can affect their entire life and the lives of those around them.



Our experienced clinicians diagnose and treat mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, and trauma.

Couples and Family


Couples and family counseling services help to reestablish or create open communication and healthier relationship dynamics. 



Group counseling services create a safe space to explore, practice, and gain feedback with others experiencing similar challenges. 



CWCSS psychiatric services assist those for whom medication and coordinated care are critical to symptom relief and greater functioning. 

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services (TBOS)


Assists children and their families who have complex needs in an effort to prevent a more intensive and restrictive behavioral health placement.

In-School Mental Health Services


 CWCSS provides counseling and prevention, and consultation services on-site in many Panhandle-area public schools and Early Learning Centers. 


Early mental health intervention makes all the difference for young people. Children served through our school-based programs are often those with complex needs who benefit from comprehensive supports and multiple services. We provide observation, preventative care, advocacy, and care coordination for individual students. We also provide consultation, observation and crisis planning and intervention for teachers and administrators. As well as education for parents, teachers, and staff. The results are clear - we see improvements in wellbeing, classroom functioning and collaboration between parents and schools, and there is decreased bullying and social isolation of youth and families.



Telehealth is a convenient and confidential way to access real-time outpatient services through a computer, tablet or smartphone.  CWCSS uses secure broadband or cellular connections to protect your privacy during a session.  

Assessment, counseling, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management are available by telehealth.   

Telehealth can be provided from our clinics to home or a mobile device, to a school, other community settings, or from one Meridian clinic to another.  

Many insurances as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans cover outpatient services through telehealth; and there are no additional fees.  


Telehealth offers faster access to a clinician and removes barriers to service related to transportation and work or school schedules. 

If you are seen by a psychiatrist, CWCSS can transmit prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. 

Telehealth can be combined with in-person services.


Serving 12 counties of Northwest Florida: Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla counties.

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